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Calcium Silicate Products




Max. service temp  (° C )

 Available Size (mm)

 Type / Application




3. Silica Board 650 650 2650 150 / 300 600 / 610

Free Asbestos Insulation board, with good thermal conductivity.

4. Silica Board 1000 1000 2300 150 / 300 600 / 610

 High temp. Insulation board with good thermal conductivity.

5. Silica Pipe 650 650 dia.1"up to 12" 25, 50 & 75 600 / 610

 Free Asbestos Insulation pipe, with good thermal conductivity.

8. Silica Cement A-30 650

Packing : 25 kg / bag

 used for insulation valve and insulation cement

8. Silica Cement P-20 650

Packing : 25 Kg / bag

 Used for jointing and coating